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Huyton Asphalt was approached to provide a solution to repair the Cargill and Maritime Junctions at Peel Ports. Both junctions were badly worn away and had irregular deformation from the constant wagon movements in the port. Huyton Asphalt proposed using our innovative HALO technology for the base and binder layers and Ultilayer S 10 for the surface course. This would require us to plane the existing carriageway at a depth of 250mm and replace with 140mm halo base, 60mm halo binder and 50mm Ultilayer S.

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Our work

Sustainability as standard

HALO is a sustainable alternative to conventional asphalts. It is a low temperature base and binder containing upto 30% reclaimed asphalt pavements using warm mix technology revolutionising the surfacing industry by creating a net zero carbon-friendly product that offers exceptional performance and laying times compared to conventional asphalts.

The project was programmed during afternoons and during weekends in order to minimise disruption to Port operations and maintain traffic flow.





“The junction looks well and feedback has been positive. Thanks to everyone who took part in completing this project with no fuss, despite having some appalling weather to contend with”

Stephen Millington, Project Manager - Highways

Our work

The road to a sustainable zero-net carbon port is laid with HALO

At Huyton Asphalt, we have innovation and sustainability at the forefront of our vision. Providing an environmental product for use on a Port of this scale closes the loop on sustainability by utilising our innovative HALO low carbon technology and use of recycled materials.

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equivalent of a container ship travelling 310km

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